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12 Responses to "Duct Tape Stuff"

how big is the larger duct tape purse (the blue and white one)?

The large bag is approx 12.5 inches wide by 13 inches tall by 3 inches deep.

how do you make the duct tape calla lily? I am doing the duct tape prom and that is what i want my flowers to be but i can’t find the directions on how to make them.

I made it up. And I still don’t like it. However It is one of many things I plan to make instructions to sell. Maybe i should get right on that? 😀

hey, i love making duck tape stuff to i have all colers but the camo. i LOVE!!!! the apple and watermelon purse so cute!!!! I am not that good. how did you make those! thanks

I just kinda made it up…one of my goals eventually is to make instructions on how to make various things 😀

Hello 🙂

I think your stuff is awesome. It inspired me to make a brown and silver purse too.

I also wanted to tell you, as someone who has made dozens of duct tape roses, I really like how thick the petals on your roses are.

Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you very much. I have a ton of fun doing it 😀

I am a duct tape enthousiast like u
u can check an exhibition I did 2 years ago, only tape work…
cheers from france

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